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About Us

The Wallwik Story

In 1995, a series of events occurred that would change how people would remove wallpaper forever...

It was an ordinary day when SimpleStrip's inventors, Richard Jackson and John Stacy, were stripping wallpaper in John's home and had tried everything to remove the wallpaper from the kitchen walls. John had used an industrial steam stripper and had tried many different chemicals that claimed to provide an easy way to remove wallpaper. Frustrated with the results, John and Richard decided that surely there had to be an easier system.

These two inventors soon discovered that the problem with existing wallpaper removal products is that they were unable to penetrate the wallpaper for a sustained length of time to re-hydrate the paste. Richard and John began to look for a new way of holding the moisture against the wall and in the process invented the Wallwik wallpaper and paste removal sheets. Since then, Wallwik has grown into an international success story with over 1 million satisfied customers wordwide.

Wallwik SimpleStrip is still the only wallpaper removal product with a complete satisfaction guarantee - The safest, easiest and cleanest wallpaper removal system or your money back! Click here to buy a SimpleStrip wallpaper removal kit now.