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Kelly Andrew, Edinburgh UK, 16 Aug 2019
Had to write for all those sceptics out there, including my own decorator, this stuff really does make a difference. I was worried about wasting money and time when already facing the daunting task of my whole house being covered in woodchip, a huge decorating bill, and I am not a big fan of internet shopping, or buying products without recommendation, but given the scale of the task I decided to take a chance. We almost sent the pack back unopened as my decorator said nothing but hard graft and many hours would work - at a price of course. Hah, cannot wait to see his face tomorrow when he sees what we achieved over the weekend; my house is ready for him to paper and paint. My tip is making sure you score the paper lots. All our paper was painted so we knew to do that anyway but we learned quickly, the more you score the better the product works. We still used a steamer but after we developed a system we found it was only needed for speed on the last layer, more product would have achieved the same result. Thanks, I am 9 months pregnant, desperate to get into the house in time for baby coming, and it looks like we might just make it... touch wood (chipless).
James Evans, Richmond, 5 Sep 2018
Great stuff and made removing our wallpaper so much easier and the Customer Service was second-to-none ensuring that we had the kit ready for the redecorating marathon. So good have encouraged others to try
Jean Weston, Birmingham, 5 Mar 2018
I would give this product more than 5 stars if it were possible - heavily painted woodchip paper proved no problem at all. Couldn't believe it, we were dreading trying to shift the stuff. A tip we found useful, pin or staple the sheets to the wall, only needs the corners secured, keep damp and be patient. Absolutely amazed by the results. No need to re-plaster or burn your hands with a steamer. A fantastic product!
Sue Richards, Kings Norton, Birmingham, 6 Feb 2017
I would just like to say how impressed I was with your product! I have successfully removed my woodchip wallpaper with little fuss and time. I am now recommending it to anyone I can find!
Jemima Brown, Dunfermline, Fife, 30 Oct 2016
I just had to write and let you know how fantastic the Wallwik products are. Prepare to be astounded, I am a novice decorator and I had put off stripping the dreaded woodchip off my bedroom walls. The product is an absolute dream, score really well and leave on for I would say 20 minutes and the paper just falls off.<br> Many many thanks whoever invented this should get a medal!
Lisa Newman, Falmouth, Cornwall, 27 Oct 2016
We have just decorated our living room and am so impressed with simple strip, we only had one layer of wallpaper but the plaster was bad behind it and if we had used a steamer would have had to replaster. Brilliant saved loads of time and money - thanks so much.
Ian Love, Middlesex, 25 Oct 2016
What a great product!! Just moved into a 100 year old terrace where every wall is covered with old woodchip and anaglypta both of which have been painted. Simple Strip made removal so easy with one room cleared in a day whereas a steamer took flour hours to remove half a wall! This has made steamers redundant and would happily recommend Simple Strip to anyone!
Emma Bird, Worthing, West Sussex, 27 Jun 2016
OMG Thankyou!!!!!! Can not believe how much time your product saved me - it is so damn good that I have posted a recommendation for it on Facebook :-) I was having a nightmare with nasty backing paper covered in layers of paint and your kits slid it off with minimum elbow grease. Very Happy.
David Morrison, Glasgow, 24 Apr 2016
Perhaps you need to have tried all the conventional ways of removing wallpaper to fully realise just how easy SimpleStrip is. For stripping vinyl paper, I found that I just needed to pull off the vinyl layer in a single sheet, spray on the solution, and peel off the backing layer in a single sheet 5 minutes later. There are no little scraps of wallpaper. I can't think of any reason why anyone would continue to use steam, sharp scrapers, or any other method than SimpleStrip to remove wallpaper.
Kathryn Reed, Wales, 17 Mar 2016
In a house full of wood chip wall paper, this product is essential. I have no idea how, but it really does work! For guidance I did one large bedroom and did use the whole 946ml bottle of solution. I fully recommend this product. The next day delivery was great as I had completely lost heart in the wall paper stripping on day one!