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Wallpaper Removal Advice and FAQ's

Wallwik vs other wallpaper stripping products

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Wallpaper Removal Advice and FAQ's

Can I remove wallpaper from ceilings?


We don't recommend using Wallwik’s sheets on the ceilings, as although you can put the sheets on it, they may not hold properly due to gravity!

The easiest method to score the ceiling wallpaper with our scoring tool, and spray the solution directly to the wallpaper to break the bond between the paper and the ceiling surface.

Can I remove woodchip wallpaper?


Wallwik is by far the best system for removing woodchip wallpaper. Wallwik will remove woodchip, even if it has been painted.

Woodchip is more difficult to remove than other types of wallpaper. For the best results we recommend that you score the wallpaper more thoroughly and mix the Wallwik power solution as 3 times recommended strength.


How long will it take to dispatch my products?

If you place an order before 3:00pm the products will be dispatched the same day

Where can I buy Wallwik?

You can currently buy all Wallwik products at our online shop.

Over the next few months Wallwik will start to appear nationally in D.I.Y shops and builders merchants. As soon as Wallwik becomes available on the highstreet we will add this information to the site.

Our online shop dispatches all orders received before 3:00pm on the same day with the option of next day delivery.


Can I remove wallpaper that has been painted or varnished?


Wallwik is the quickest method of removing painted and varnished wallpaper. Methods such as steaming and chemical strippers do not penetrate the wallpaper effectively. The Wallwik sheets hold the moisture against the wall which is far more effective.

You can see Wallwik in action in the How It Works section.

Can I remove several layers of wallpaper at a time?


Wallwik is so effective at holding the moisture against the wallpaper it will penetrate up to 6 layers of wallpaper at once, although we have had reports of Wallwik stripping up to 10 layers.

You can see Wallwik in action in the How It Works section.

How do I remove wallpaper from plasterboards that have not been primed?

Wallwik is very effective at removing wallpaper where the plasterboard has neither been primed nor plastered.

Follow this simple 5 stage process below to remove the wallpaper with ease:

Score very completely, but lightly. Make lots of very light perforations, but make sure you do not penetrate the plasterboard. You want to score the surface but NOT ENTIRELY THROUGH the wallpaper sheet. This is especially important when the wall has not been primed because any excess moisture may go into the plasterboard.

Mix the Wallwik Power in the normal way. Soak the Wallwik wallpaper and paste remover sheets in the solution.

Apply the WALLWIK fabric and leave to work. Use the pressure sprayer every 20 minutes to keep the fabric wet. Allow 1 hour before proceeding to the next step.

Remove the fabric very carefully without using tools. Use only your finger nails, slowly peel back the wallpaper. If at any point the wallpaper sticks to the plasterboards paper covering, spray directly on the point of attachment and allow it to dissolve before resuming the peeling action. The plasterboard paper may become wavy. These waves will disappear as the wall dries. If you don't leave Wallwik to work long enough, the drywall paper will come off with the wallpaper.

After the wallpaper is removed and the wall has dried, you can repair any problem areas where you might have removed the plasterboard paper.


What will I need?

You will need 6 wallpaper and paste remover sheets, the Wallwik scoring tool, a bottle of Wallwik Power and the Wallwik pressure sprayer. All of these items are included in the standard kit.

If you are stripping more than 2 rooms we would recommend that you purchase an additional bottle of Wallwik Power.

Can I remove borders that have been put on over wallpaper without removing the wallpaper itself?


Wallwik is the only method we have found that can do this successfully. You will need to purchase the Wallwik border removal sheets.

Cut the border sheets lengthwise so they are slightly narrower than the border to be removed. Gently, but thoroughly, score the border using the patented Wallwik scoring tool, but do not penetrate through to the underlying paper. Apply the wet Wallwik fabric to border as normal. After thirty minutes, carefully peel the border from the underlying wallpaper.

You can see Wallwik in action in the How It Works section.

Can I remove wallpaper from plasterboards that have not been primed or plastered?


This should situation should not arise but unfortunately you may come across it. Plasterboards should always be primed first. Wallwik is very effective in this situation, because it eliminates the scraping which damages the plasterboards.

You can see Wallwik in action in the How It Works section.

Can I remove wallpaper paste?


Wallwik is very successful at removing the paste residues and will not cause damage to the wall. You will need a bottle of Wallwik Power, the Wallwik pressure sprayer and the Wallwik Skimmer.

Pour 2 fl. oz (60ml) of Wallwik Power solution into the pressure sprayer and fill with warm water. Spray the walls and allow the solution between 5 - 10 minutes (depending on its age) to work. Use the Wallwik skimmer tool to skim any paste residues off the wall.

If you wish, you can finish by wiping down the wall with a large sponge.

How does capillary action work in the Wallwik System?

Capillary action (also known as capillary motion) is the ability of a substance (in this case, the Wallwik sheets) to draw a liquid (the Wallwik Power solution) against the force of gravity. The same method is used by plants to soak up water from the soil. Wallwik uses capillary action to "wick" the Power Solution into and behind the wallpaper to dissolve the paste as quickly as possible. Remember to keep the Wallwik sheets wet using the Pressure Sprayer for optimum performance.


Wallwik vs other wallpaper stripping products

Is Wallwik more effective than chemical wallpaper strippers?


Wallwik is far more effective than chemical wallpaper strippers. Independent tests were carried out against the top 5 market leading chemical strippers.

Wallwik was found to be twice as quick at removing wallpaper as the best chemical stripper on test.

Is Wallwik more effective than steam wallpaper strippers?


Wallwik is far more effective than the most powerful steam strippers.

Wallwik works in a unique way to all other methods of stripping wallpaper. It works by using a special type of highly absorbent fabric, soaked in a powerful yet non toxic wallpaper stripper solution. The sheets stick to the wall allowing the wallpaper stripper solution to penetrate the wallpaper and dissolve the paste. The effect is similar to holding dozens of steam strippers against the wall at the same time.

The Wallwik team have carried out numerous tests against both small DIY wallpaper steamers and expensive industrial steamers. Wallwik was found to be three times quicker than even the best high pressure steam stripper on test.

Another key difference is that Wallwik makes very little mess compared to steam strippers. Wallwik removes wallpaper in large pieces or even whole sheets at a time.