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David Ryan, Reading, 5 Mar 2016
I don't often write to praise suppliers but I must congratulate you on the accuracy of your claims for the 'Simple Strip' system for removing wallpaper. The woodchip paper had previously defied steam cleaning and it looked as if I was in for a long, laborious job, but simple strip did the job in double quick time. Fantastic is the only word for it. My thanks for making my life so much easier.
Lorna Marshall, UK, 6 Feb 2016
I was very excited about my purchase of Wallwik after reading the testimonials, however when I told my boyfriend and explained how it worked"you put the paper into the warm solution and stick them on the walls, then the wallpaper comes off easily. And the paper is reusable!" as I was listening to the words myself I doubted them. My boyfriend said " what? Paper that you put in water and reuse what a waste of money!" The day came when we followed the instructions and applied the paper to our walls that are full of woodchip (every room in the house!) My friend, mum, step dad and boyfriend were all looking with anticipation, once we had waited the allotted time we took off the wallwik paper and put a scraper to the wall. It was like shearing a sheep!! The paper fell off, My boyfriend was aghast and basically ate his words. This stuff is brilliant, as long as you score the walls well the solution does the rest for you.
Granville Waters, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, 24 Jan 2016
Great product. Used it to remove thick painted woodchip from my hallway. Just comes off in big chunks.Thank You, have ordered more for other rooms in the house.
Adrian Foster, Maidenhead, Berkshire., 23 Jan 2016
Amazing product which works. Several friends and a local DIY hardware store told me that woodchip paper with several coats of gloss paint in my bathroom would be a nightmare to remove. WRONG !!! Parcel waiting when I got home yesterday evening about 6pm, all the wallpaper in the bath by 10pm. I'm thrilled. Many thanks.
Tracy Lawrence, Coggeshall, Essex, 14 Jan 2016
This is FANTASTIC! It does exactly what was promised - after scoring, soaking and spraying our painted woodchip wallpaper seemed to almost fall off the wall in enormous pieces (rather that the postage-stamp size flakes of previous attempts!) THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!
Sheila McCullough, Edinburgh UK, 20 Nov 2015
This stuff is brilliant!!! Having to order more already.. its a miracle!!
Alison Bennett, UK, 15 Nov 2015
Have just used your product for the first time. Could not believe what we were seeing, what a fantastic product. No mess, really easy to use and does exactly what it says. We will recommend you to everyone.