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HydroSheets for Borders

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Product description:

The revolutionary SimpleStrip HydroSheets for Borders is the only product in the world, specifically designed to remove wallpaper borders.

The unique highly absorbent HydroSheets hold the moisture against the wallpaper border, to re-hydrate the old paste.

How to use:
Simply score the wallpaper border with the patented SimpleStrip Scoring Tool.
Once the border is thoroughly perforated, soak the border sheets in warm water mixed with our high performance paste dissolving solution SimpleStrip Power Solution.

Next apply the Hydro to the wallpaper border around the room.

In a matter of 15 to 25 minutes (or more depending on the paste used) the paste is softened so that the wallpaper border can be easily pulled away from the wall (often in whole sheets).

NO steaming, and very little mess!

Pack details:
Each pack contains twelve 7" (17cm) x 46" (116cm) sheets - enough to remove 46 feet (14m) of wallpaper border at one time.

The sheets are also reusable up to 50 times.

HydroSheets for Borders