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SimpleStrip HydroSheets

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Product description:
The SimpleStrip HydroSheets are made from a special highly absorbent fabric that will remove all types of Wallpaper with ease.

How to use: 
The sheets are dipped in warm water mixed with the SimpleStrip Power Solution. The sheets are then applied to the wallpaper from top to bottom.

In order to keep the sheets wet, they are occasionally sprayed with the SimpleStrip Pressure Sprayer , allowing moisture to transfer through the scored wallpaper and hydrate the old wallpaper paste.

In a matter of 15 to 25 minutes (or more depending on the paste used) the paste is softened so that a single layer of wallpaper can be pulled easily from the wall.

For multiple layers of wallpaper removal, simply allow more time to allow the solution to penetrate the wallpaper.

Pack details: 
Each pack contains 6 Hydro Sheets.

The sheets measure 46" x 21" and cover a 8' x 5' section of wall at a time.

The sheets are reusable up to 50 times, so you can strip one wall, an entire room, or the whole house.

SimpleStrip HydroSheets