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Skimmer Tool

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Product description: 
The Wallwik Skimmer Tool is a revolutionary 8" wide wallpaper scraper.

The Wallwik Skimmer Tool is excellent at removing wallpaper, backing, or paste.

The flexible plastic tool will not gouge drywall like a metal scraper, and will save clean up time by removing the wallpaper in large pieces.

How to use: 
The Wallwik Skimmer allows downward force against the drywall, to skim unwanted material off the surface.

Once the wallpaper or backing has been removed, the Wallwik Skimmer can also be used to remove excess paste residues, which is essential before redecorating.

Simply spray the wall again using the SimpleStrip Pressure Sprayer with the SimpleStrip Power Solution, wait for 5 minutes and then use the Skimmer to remove the paste.

Skimmer Tool