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SimpleStrip Power Solution

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Product description: 
The NEW formula SimpleStrip Power Solution is a high performance paste dissolving formula that dissolves wallpaper paste upon contact.

SimpleStrip Power Solutions's active enzymes work differently to other chemical wallpaper strippers, and are up to ten times more effective. SimpleStrip Power Solution uses environmentally friendly and safe biodegradable detergents and enzymes.

How to use with SimpleStrip HydroSheets

Mix 4oz per gallon (25ml per litre) of warm water for pre-pasted wallpaper, up to 12oz per gallon (30ml per litre) for difficult to remove paste. Use the mix to soak SimpleStrip HydroSheets before application to keep them moist.

Pack details: 
The 32 fl.oz (946ml) bottle makes up to 8 Gallons (30 Litres) of SimpleStrip Power Solution.
That is enough to strip two 10' x 13' (3m X 4m) rooms that have a single layer of wallpaper.

It's multi-purpose! 

SimpleStrip Power Solution can also be used as a wallpaper stripper, wall wash or to remove vinyl on vinyl adhesive.

SimpleStrip Power Solution